Custom Poker Chips – Several options for adaptation

If you have thought about a set of custom> want something that looks classy and has a real professional look, and do not mind putting in a little effort on your part, you can search for a classic set of fully custom poker chips at a very affordable price.
Most poker chips without denominations or printed without values on them can be customized. There are a few basic ways to customize poker chips. Different poker chips have different size ranges, which you can customize, from 7/8 “to 1.25”. The most common size that most poker chips will work very well with, is a 15/16 “insert. This size gives you many different chips to choose from. Ensure your sizes fit for best results.
1 You can completely custom chips made just for you. These are extremely high quality, very hard to fake, and the most expensive way to do it by far. These run somewhere around $ 1.00 or more per chip and to design a few weeks. You start with a blank chip, then select your design in terms of the edge points and edge designs for highly individual picture of your own values and what you want in any amount you want. These are really comparable to professional poker chips and are usually made of ceramic. The images and values are printed directly on the chip. If you need to be concerned about counterfeit chips getting into your game, this can be a little expensive for the home or casual gaming market, but they offer a very high level of security in relation to unauthorized chips.
2 There is another process called Hot Foil stamping customized poker chips. These include an impressive colored foil stamp image or value hot on the chip. These are quite simple, as if to pay you to want to have developed for you a special form usually, you are very in which image and text style that you can use at no extra cost, limited. These are one color prints, usually consisting of something like a dollar value or your initials, just 3 or 4 letters on the chip. Even if you have a custom die for your special logo or image that you are pretty much have only one color designed limited. These are not very expensive, but not the same visual quality and are very simple in construction, as opposed to a specially designed 4-color inlay.
3 For the money and the final quality look of your custom chips it’s hard to own a 4-color inlay, which is basically a label or sticker beat applied to the middle of an existing stock poker chip. These can be made with almost any image and text in color, adhered to the center of the chip and are as close as you option 1, to obtain fully customized ceramic poker chips, and are far less expensive. These are for home games, tournaments and casual games where concern about fake chips is not a problem. There are two ways to do this. One is the habit have developed inlay printed and adhered to the chip for you. You can use your own picture, or take an idea or a favorite artwork and let’s help the supplier to design your chip inlay. It is sometimes a very small fee for their design work, but it is worth it. You can use the chip colors from a set of chips to choose stock, have different values, or no values, and already printed with deposits and created for you to get the finished product. These are usually run about 30 cents per chip, plus the cost of the chip. So if the chip costs 16 cents plus 30 cents for the inlay, including art fees you are probably in the $ 0.45 to $ 0.50 per chip area. The process can take 3-6 weeks to complete, depending on design time.
4 There is another way to achieve near the same thing for less cost, and that includes the use of a warehouse poker chip without denominations and with a custom printed inlay designed and printed for you, then stick the labels even inlay. It’s pretty easy to do, just takes a little time, “seek and stick”, but you can chipsat a genuine 4-color poker to get a very affordable price. These are a high quality, glossy paper that is specifically designed for poker chips and will last a long time printed under normal use. This process is usually only about 12 cents per chip for both sides, and can be done in a few days, not weeks. You have complete flexibility in terms of what values you want, if at all, have in an amount from each value, and if you choose the right one to use chip, you can create a really unique fully customized poker chip, the more expensive options rival and a poker chip set, you can be really proud to use in your games.
All poker chip without pre-printed labels or pictures can be used to it already, so you. A wide selection of colors and design of chip
If you do not already have a logo or image in mind, we can direct you to a web site from those redesigned around 8 million extremely high quality images of almost everything you dream has to fit your chip. You can download the images by keyword eg “poker”, “Motorcycles”, “dragon”, or just about anything you can think of to look for, and see thousands of designs with your keyword, which be the starting template for designers of your supplier can help work into your own custom image. With the same chip 16 cents, plus about 12 cents per chip for the deposit, you are in the $ 0.25 to $ 0.30 cents per chip total cost. They provide just the labor to keep them and the finished chips look great for a lot less money.
There are many other uses for this type of custom poker chip besides just poker. They make great and inexpensive “entry gifts” or mementos for tournaments. They can be used by retail stores, clubs and restaurants as very new and memorable “comeback coupons”. Some resourceful businessmen also custom poker chips as a business card that does not. End up in the trash The possibilities are almost endless.