Holdem Poker Bot From Shanky – it can make you

Holdem Poker Bot From Shanky – it can make you play on expert?

The rudimentary poker bots you will encounter on the Internet, are available for free. Variously called holdembot, POKERobot or similar, they are the same simple creature, repackaged basically to serve the marketing purposes of different poker sites. Whenever you find yourself on the other hand, that only a (different) poker room will install supports – my guess is that this is the poker room sponsorship that particular version to get more users signed and pick up the rake they generate. Your presence on the screen is very simple and also their skills. They are often only able to play money-limit games, so that any form of competition or no-limit game is not in question. Your playing style can be somewhat firm to loose and aggressive to passive optimized along the axes, but across the entire range of the basic style is short and weak – Waiting for the best hole cards, then folds them at the slightest hint of aggression. At least they play constantly, do not make serious mistakes and have no emotions come in the way. In other words, better than 50 percent of the human player they play outside. But my experience is that they are not good enough to play overcome the rake except for the occasional very weak table.

At the other end of the complexity of the Shanky Holdem Poker Bot of Technologies is produced. The provider even have a poker programming produced to make fully configurable performance Bot. The bot plays the reasonable cash game right out of the box with default settings. Alternative settings can be downloaded from the excellent support forum to set the bot for single and multi table tournaments and various types of cash games, but the standard tight aggressive power of the built-in settings working until you get used to the system. The interface is very simple, until you open up a few menus and then the plethora of options available, you see. But it will never win any aesthetic prices for the main screen.

This is the only bot, however, that I trust to play in one night tournament with over 100 players and some hope of finishing in the money through the morning. It automatically manages the modification of tables and the inserts, and a different number of competitors without problem. Unfortunately, I have a way to go to ensure the correct parameter set consistent performance over the tournaments with larger fields. But the support I had from the vendors was excellent and a very active and helpful user forum is hosted on their site. So far, poker rooms are limited to Full Tilt, Bodog and Ultimate Bet, but these are among the largest and best anyway. Due to the background in bonus clearing blackjack bots, the developers are very savvy manage about the money, including rakebacks, bonuses and so on in the poker world. Every aspect of the program proves true poker fan input, but as a developer-driven project. As you enter the above my little VPS-based Shanky Bot has seen 90 players from a field of 180 in a multi-table tournament, intact with most of my stack. This product is one of my favorites of all bots in each category, but I only come across it recently. Reasonable price (and there is a free trial for a few hundred hands), excellent features and very good support – what’s not to like?